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Custom Made - Boots article

People often wonder why they have to choose made to measure products rather than readymade products.

For readymade, the choices are always restricted and the size never exactly fits if you have special size (wide or narrow).

There may be a time to look for the individual design and need.

This is where the made to measure comes in.


Measurement Instruction (Print Measurement Form)



Taking your Measurements

Wearing your socks, stand on a sheet of the blank paper which place on the hard floor.

Distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Follow the steps as below and fill all the measure in the boxes.


*** For accuracy we recommend that you have someone to measure you ***


Step 1.Tracing (cm.)

Marking your foot outlines (For Foot length): Holding a pen vertically, outline each foot according to the diagram. The outline must be joined or overlapped tracing lines.

*** Then measure the length foot trace from the toe tip to the heel tip according to the diagram. ***

*** Measure around each foot (For the width) ***

Measure each of your foot with a cloth tape circumferentially at the area of foot, gently pull the tape snug according to the positional diagram.

Step 2.Ball (cm.)

around the part where is the widest part of the foot.

Step 3.Instep (cm.)

around the part where is the tip of the bone on the instep.

Step 4.Heel (cm.)

around the part of heel (from tip to tip of the bending point through the heel).

Step 5.Ankle-Height(cm.)

the high position from the ground to the ankle.

Step 6.Ankle (cm.)

around the ankle: hole the tape sufficiently easy allow room for one index finger between the tape and the ankle.

Step 7.Calf-Height(cm.)

the high position from the ground to the calf.

Step 8.Calf (cm.)

around the widest part of the calf: hold the tape sufficiently easy allow room for one index finger between the tape and the calf.

Step 9.Boot-Height(cm.)

the desired height position of the boot from the ground.

Step 10.Top of Boot (cm.)

around the top of the boot: hold the tape sufficiently easy allow room for one index finger between the tape and the desired position.


Please mail the original tracings (from step 1) to us :-

Liu's Bootery   198  Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand 10110


*** Do not Fax tracings as Fax machine distorts sizing ***


Please fill your measurement in the Boxes below :-


We will send you an email to confirm the details, the prices quote (in case of attached picture) and the time of delivery (usually 4-6 weeks) after we received your order. When your order is done, we will email you a picture. So you will see your custom product before you receive them in the mail.


Name :  *
Email :  *
Tracing Length :  *
Ball :  *
Instep :  *
Heel :  *
Ankle-Height :  *
Ankle :  *
Calf-Height :  *
Calf :  *
Boot-Height :  *
Top of Calf :  *
What size are you normally wear? :  *

Custom Made

Custom Made - Shoes article
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